Important updates

Update date
Course codeCourse nameDetails
2022/07/27LLAW3233/LALS3008Law, history and cultureMoved from Thu 1330-1620 to Friday 0930-1220 in 2nd semester
2022/08/01LLAW/JDOC6002Credit and securityMoved to Saturday 1030-1330 in 2nd semester
2022/08/01LLAW3245Cross border corporate insolvency: issues and solutionsNewly offered on Thu 0930-1220 in 2nd semester
2022/08/01LLAW6305/JDOC6305Sanctions: law and practiceTeaching dates have been added in June semester
2022/08/02LLAW3069Regulation of financial marketsNewly offered on Tue 1330-1620 in 1st semester
2022/08/15LLAW3024Insurance lawTeaching schedule has been changed to Nov-Dec 2022
2022/08/17LLAW6239Law and regulation of private banking and wealth managementCancelled
2022/08/26LLAW/JDOC6209Comparative family lawCancelled
2022/08/29LLAW3117Economic, social and cultural rightsCancelled
2022/08/29LLAW/JDOC6062Economic, social and cultural rightsCancelled
2022/09/13LLAW3128/LALS3001Law and literatureNewly offered on Tue 1330-1620 in semester 2
2022/09/13LLAW3220Gender, sexuality and the lawNewly offered on Wed 0930-1220 in semester 2
2022/09/13LLAW/JDOC6101Competition, mergers and acquisitionsNewly added in June semester
2022/10/10LLAW3153China investment lawNewly offered on Mon 1430-1720 in semester 2
2022/10/10LLAW/JDOC6186China trade lawNewly added in June semester
2022/10/12LLAW/JDOC6201PRC taxation law and policyMoved to Saturdays in semester 2
2022/10/18LLAW/JDOC6101Competition, mergers and acquisitionsTeaching dates have been added in June semester
2022/10/18LLAW/JDOC6300Digitalisation: health, law and policyCancelled
2022/10/19LLAW/JDOC6186China trade lawTeaching dates have been added in June semester
2022/10/31LLAW/JDOC6231JusticeNewly offered on Mon 1830-2130 in 2nd semester
2022/11/30LLAW/JDOC6099International commercial arbitrationThe course will be conducted online
2022/12/16LLAW3164Arbitration and conflict of laws in Greater ChinaMoved to Summer 2023
2022/12/16LLAW/JDOC6029Managing commercial disputes in China: law, issues and techniquesCancelled
2022/12/28LLAW/JDOC6212Intellectual property protection in China: law, politics and cultureNew offered on Mon 1830-2130 in semester 2
2023/01/09LLAW/JDOC6201PRC taxation law and policyStarting from Jan 28 instead of Feb 4
2023/01/10LLAW/JDOC6046Privacy and data protection [Class B]Newly added on Fri 1830-2130 in semester 2
2023/01/10LLAW6257Compliance for listed companies [Class B]Newly added on Fri 0930-1220 in semester 2
2023/01/13LLAW/JDOC6082Corporate governance and shareholder remediesNewly added on Wed 1330-1620 in semester 2
2023/01/20LLAW/JDOC6238Comparative arbitration in AsiaNewly added on Fri 1830-2130 in semester 2
2023/02/08LLAW3164Arbitration and conflict of laws in Greater ChinaCancelled
2023/02/13LLAW/JDOC6102White collar crime: law and practiceCancelled
2023/02/13LLAW/JDOC6179Multiculturalism and the lawCancelled
2023/02/13LLAW/JDOC6127Current issues in financial lawCancelled
2023/03/01LLAW6241Arbitration award writingTeaching schedule has been changed
2023/03/21LLAW/JDOC6201PRC taxation law and policyTeaching schedule has been changed