General Course Information

1.1 Course details

Course code: LLAW2012
Course name: Commercial Law
Programme offered under: LLB Programme
Semester: First
Designated research course: Not applicable
Specialization: Not applicable
Prerequisites / Co-requisites: No
Course offered to non-law students: No
Credit point value: 6 credits

1.2 Course description

A: Sale of Goods

Transfer of Title

  • The rule nemo dat quod non habet
  • Exceptions to nemo dat
  • Legal and Equitable Interest

Sale of Goods

  • Duties of Seller and Buyer, Express and Implied Terms
  • Passing of Property
  • Remedies
  • Gifts

B: Personal Property

Personal Property and Interests in Personal Property

  • Types of Personal Property – Chose in Possession – Chose in Action
  • Ownership Possession Bailment
  • Legal and Equitable Assignment

Credit and Security

  • Types of Security: Pledges – Liens – Mortgages (other than of land) – Bills of Sale
  • Fixed and Floating Charges
  • Retention of Title (Romalpa) Clauses
  • Set-off;
  • Assignments of Choses in Action: Legal and Equitable Assignments
  • Rules of Priority
  • Banking and Customer Relationship
  • Negotiable Instruments: Bills of Exchange

C: Consumer Credit and Protection

Regulatory Framework

  • Money Lenders Ordinance and Pawn Brokers Ordinance
  • Function and Power of Consumer Council, Funds for Litigation and Group Litigation

Consumer Credit

  • Guarantees

Consumer Protection

  • Unconscionable Contracts Ordinance
  • Control of Exemption Clauses Ordinance
  • Supply of Services (Implied Terms) Ordinance
  • Money Lenders Ordinance
  • Protection of Vulnerable Consumers: Misrepresentation

D: Agency Law

1.3 Course teachers

Name E-mail address Office Consultation
Course convenor / tutor Stephanie Wong swonghk@hku.hk CCT 601 By email
Course tutor Bennett Au Yeung bauyeung@connect.hku.hk N/A By email
Course tutor Tommy Cheung tommycheungtw@gmail.com N/A By email
Course tutor Martin Kok martin.htk@gmail.com N/A By email
Course tutor Benjamin Lam benjamin.lam@parksidechambers.com.hk N/A By email
Course tutor Sandy Sabapathy yutkes@hotmail.com N/A By email
Course tutor Florence Sit florence.sit@linklaters.com N/A By email
Course tutor Anson Tam ansontky888@gmail.com N/A By email
Course tutor Tang Lik Hang likhangtang.counsel@gmail.com N/A By email

Learning Outcomes

2.1 Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) for this course

CLO 1 a critical understanding of the statutory and case law principles in commercial law;

CLO 2 an appreciation of the wider policies and principles of commercial law; and

CLO 3 skills of factual and legal analysis and argument, as well as written and oral communication skills.

2.2 LLB Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Please refer to the following link: https://course.law.hku.hk/llb-plo/

2.3 Programme Learning Outcomes to be achieved in this course



3.1 Assessment Summary

Assessment task Due date Weighting Feedback method* Course learning outcomes
Mid-term essay assessment 15 Oct 2021 50% 1, 2, 3
Final in-hall exam 9 Dec 2021 50% 1 1, 2, 3
*Feedback method (to be determined by course teacher)
1 A general course report to be disseminated through Moodle
2 Individual feedback to be disseminated by email / through Moodle
3 Individual review meeting upon appointment
4 Group review meeting
5 In-class verbal feedback

3.2 Assessment Detail

The Commercial Law exam may be scheduled at any time during the university in-hall examination period. Students taking Commercial Law must be in Hong Kong to take the scheduled examination. Early examinations will not be granted. This applies to all students.

3.3 Grading Criteria

Please refer to the following link: https://www.law.hku.hk/_files/law_programme_grade_descriptors.pdf

Learning Activities

4.1 Learning Activity Plan

Lecture: 2 hours / week for the semester
Tutorial: 8-10 single-hour tutorials per semester
Private study time: 9.5 hours / week for the semester

Remarks: the normative student study load per credit unit is 25 ± 5 hours (ie. 150 ± 30 hours for a 6-credit course), which includes all learning activities and experiences within and outside of classroom, and any assessment task and examinations and associated preparations.

4.2 Details of Learning Activities

To be advised by course convenor(s).

Learning Resources

5.1 Resources

Reading materials: Reading materials are posted on Moodle
Core reading list: TBA
Recommended reading list: TBA

5.2 Links

Please refer to the following link: http://www.law.hku.hk/course/learning-resources/