Core Courses


Course CodeCourse NameSemesterScheduleCourse ConvenorRemarks
LLAW1001 & LLAW1002Law of contract I & IIFull yearThu 1030-1220 (1st & 2nd)(1st) Benjamin Chen & Massimo Lando
(2nd) Stefan Lo
LLAW1005 & LLAW1006Law of tort I & IIFull yearTue 1030-1220 (1st & 2nd)(1st) Shane Chalmers
(2nd) John Murphy
LLAW1008The legal system of HKSAR1stWed 1030-1220Eric Ip
S K Lee
LLAW1009Law and society1stMon 1230-1420Albert Chen
Anne Cheung
David Kwok
LLAW1013Legal research and writing I1stMon 1430-1520

Stephanie BiedermannCore
LLAW2001Constitutional law1stTue 1330-1520Albert Chen
Cora Chan
LLAW2003 & LLAW2004Criminal law I & IIFull yearThu 1330-1520 (1st & 2nd)Michael JacksonCore
LLAW2009Introduction to Chinese legal system [previously named ‘Introduction to Chinese Law']2ndThu 1630-1820Ying Xia
Sida Liu
LLAW2012Commercial law1stWed 1430-1620Eva TamCore
LLAW2013 & LLAW2014Land law I & IIFull yearMon 1530-1720 (1st & 2nd)(1st) Hui Jing
(2nd) Say Goo
LLAW2017Legal research and writing II2ndMon 1430-1520Stephanie BiedermannCore
LLAW3001Introduction to legal theory1stMon 1230-1420Shane ChamlersCore
LLAW3010Business associations2ndTue 1330-1520Eva TamCore
LLAW3093Administrative law2ndMon 0930-1120Ernest Ng
Edward Lui
LLAW3094 & LLAW3095Equity and trusts I & IIFull yearFri 0930-1120 (1st)
Wed 1430-1620 (2nd)
(1st) Rebecca Lee
(2nd) Lusina Ho
LLAW3187Mooting and dispute resolution (capstone)Full yearOccasional lectures on Wednesdays
evening in the first semester and two hours coaching session
Jacky YeungCore
LLAW3242DissertationFull YearWed 1430-1620 (1st)
Stefan LoCore (HKU-UCL Dual Degree Programme)
LLAW3243HKU legal internshipFull yearCore (HKU-UCL Dual Degree Programme)
LALS2001Introduction to law and literary studies1stWed 0930-1220Anya AdairInterdisciplinary core (BA&LLB Dual Degree Programme)
LSCI1001Law, science and innovation2ndWed 0930-1220Ryan WhalenInterdisciplinary core (BSc&LLB Dual Degree Programme)

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