Course CodeCourse NamesSemesterScheduleCourse ConvenorRemarks
LLAW6002Credit and security law2ndSat 1030-1330Kingsley Ong
Paul Lejot
LLAW601418-credit dissertation1st + 2ndIntroductory session
Mon 1830-2030 [Sept 5]
LLAW6024Banking law2ndMon 1830-2130Evan GibsonElective
LLAW6025Company law and securities regulation in the People's Republic of China1stMon 1830-2130 [starting from Sept 19]Guanghua YuCompulsory (Opt)
LLAW6049Securities regulation I1stClass A - Mon 1830-2130
Class B - Mon 1430-1730
Syren JohnstoneElective
LLAW60549-credit dissertation1st, 2ndIntroductory session
Mon 1830-2030 [Sept 5]
LLAW6055Law of international finance 11stClass A - Thu 1830-2130 [starting from Sept 15]
Class B - Wed 1430-1730 [starting from Sept 14]
Paul LejotCompulsory
LLAW6057International securities law2ndFri 1830-2130Paul Lejot
Jason Ng
LLAW6082Corporate governance and shareholder remedies1stClass A - Fri 1830-2130
Class B - Fri 1430-1720
Stefan LoCompulsory (Opt)
LLAW6093Regulation of financial markets1stClass A - Tue 1830-2130Evan GibsonCompulsory (Opt)
LLAW6093Regulation of financial markets2ndClass B - Mon 1430-1720Giuliano CastellanoCompulsory (Opt)
LLAW6093Regulation of financial markets2ndClass C - Tue 1830-2130Giuliano CastellanoCompulsory (Opt)
LLAW6094Law of international finance 22ndThu 1830-2130Paul LejotElective
LLAW6096International tax and tax planning2ndMon 1830-2130Stefano MarianiElective
LLAW6099International commercial arbitrationJuneFri 1830-2130 [June 9 & 16]
Sat & Sun 0930-1800 [June 10, 11, 17 & 18]
Simon GreenbergElective
LLAW6101Competition, mergers and acquisitionsJuneTBCAndreas Kellerhals
Joe Tringali
LLAW6124Communications law1stSat 1000-1300Desmond ChanElective
LLAW6127Current issues in financial lawJuneTBCPaul LejotCapstone
LLAW6155Competition law II
[HK and EU competiton law]
1stFri 1830-2130Kelvin KwokElective
LLAW6181Management commercialization of intellectual property1stSat 1400-1700Yahong Li
Chiang Lin Li
Haifeng Huang
LLAW6185China investment law1stTue 1830-2130Xianchu ZhangElective
LLAW6201PRC taxation law and policy2ndWed 1830-2130 [Feb 1 & 22, Mar 1, Apr 12]
Sat 0930-1230 & 1400-1700 [Feb 4 & 11, Mar 4]
Wed 1830-2130 [Feb 15] OR Sat 0930-1230 [Feb 18] OR Sat 1400-1700 [Feb 18]
Sat 0930-1230 [Apr 15]
Wilson Chow
Yan Xu
Doreen Qiu
LLAW6224Mergers and acquisitions1stWed 1830-2130Syren JohnstoneCapstone
LLAW6244Securities regulation II2ndMon 1830-2130Syren JohnstoneElective
LLAW6245Compliance in the Hong Kong securities industry2ndWed 1830-2130Syren JohnstoneElective
LLAW6248Comparative contract law1stOnline teaching
Fri 1830-2130
Lei ChenElective
LLAW6256Law of anti-money laundering and counter- terrorist financing and compliance issues2ndFri 1830-2130 John LeeElective
LLAW6257Compliance for listed companies2ndTue 1830-2230
[Exact dates will be confirmed by January 2023]
Nigel DavisElective
LLAW6260Law of state immunity and sovereign debt2ndMon 1430-1730Paul LejotCapstone
LLAW6287FinTech finance2ndTue 1830-2130Emily LeeElective
LLAW6302Law, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship (LITE) lab - tech startup law plus1stThu 1830-2130Brian Tang
LLAW6303EU financial regulation and technology2ndOnline teaching
Tue 1830-2130
Claudia SandeiElective
LLAW6304Governing online platforms: law, economics and politics2ndThu 1830-2130 Angela ZhangElective
LLAW6311Data and privacy regulation in China: law, economics and politics2ndFri 1830-2130Angela ZhangElective