Course CodeCourse NameSemesterScheduleCourse ConvenorRemarks
ICOM6027e-Crimes: digital crime scene and legal sanctions (6 credits)SummerTBCTBCElective
ICOM7125Digital forensics (6 credits)2ndTBCTBCElective
LLAW6005Hong Kong intellectual property law2ndMon 1830-2130Douglas ClarkElective
LLAW601418-credit dissertation1st + 2ndIntroductory session
Mon 1830-2030 [Sept 4]
LLAW6046Privacy and data protection1stClass A - Sat 1000-1300Allan ChiangCore
LLAW6046Privacy and data protection1stClass B - Fri 1830-2130Angus YoungCore
LLAW60549-credit dissertation1st, 2ndIntroductory session
Mon 1830-2030 [Sept 4]
LLAW6120Intellectual property and information technology1stMon 1830-2130Taorui GuanCore
LLAW6124Communications law1stSat 1000-1250Desmond ChanElective
LLAW6126e-Finance: law, compliance and technology challengesJuneMon, Tue, Thur & Fri 1830-2130 [June 3, 4, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14, 17, 18, 20 & 21]Marco GoldoniElective
LLAW6132International and comparative intellectual property law2ndThu 1830-2130Yahong LiCapstone
LLAW6139China information technology and electronic commerce law2ndWed 1830-2130Philip KwokCore
LLAW6155Competition law II
[HK and EU competiton law]
1stFri 1830-2130Kelvin KwokElective
LLAW6159Evidence2ndTue 1830-2130Jacky YeungFoundational law
LLAW6160Legal system and methods1stThu 1830-2130Alex MakFoundational law
LLAW6170Law and the internet1stWed 1830-2130Haochen SunCapstone
LLAW6212Intellectual property protection in China: law, politics and culture2ndWed 1830-2130Haochen SunElective
LLAW6219Patent law2ndMon 1830-2130Ryan WhalenCore
LLAW6223Copyright and creativity1stWed 1830-2130Yahong LiCore
LLAW6243Advanced issues in intellectual property law2ndFri, 1830-2130Taorui GuanElective
LLAW6250The regulation of biomedical research2ndThu 1830-2130 [Jan 18 & 25, Feb 1, 8, 22 & 29]
Sat 1000-1300 [Jan 20 & 27, Feb 3 & 24, Mar 2]
Chih-hsing HoElective
LLAW6274The beginning and end of life2ndThu 1830-2130Terry KaanElective
LLAW6280Introduction to artificial intelligence and law2ndFri 1830-2130 [Jan 26
Feb 2, 23, Mar 1, 15 & 22] & Sat 1000-1300 [Jan 27
Feb 3 & 24, Mar 2 & 23, Apr 6]
Rostam NeuwirthElective
LLAW6285Legal data science1stTue 1830-2130Ryan WhalenElective
LLAW6302LITE lab: emerging technology and business models (postgraduate)1stThu 1830-2130Brian TangElective
LLAW6304Governing online platforms: law, economics and politics2ndTue 1830-2130Marcelo ThompsonElective
LLAW6315Theories and methods on law and society2ndFri 1430-1730Xin HeElective

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