Course CodeCourse NameSemesterScheduleCourse ConvenorRemarks
LLAW6003Civil and commercial law in the PRC2ndMon 1830-2130Guanghua YuSpecialized topics
LLAW6005Hong Kong intellectual property law1stMon 1830-2130Douglas ClarkSpecialized topics
LLAW6007International dispute settlement2ndMon 1830-2130Roda MushkatSpecialized topics
LLAW601418-credit dissertation1st + 2ndIntroductory session
Mon 1830-2030 [Sept 6]
LLAW6025Company law and securities regulation in the People's Republic of China1stMon 1830-2130Guanghua YuCore compliance and regulation
LLAW6046Privacy and data protection1stSat 1000-1300Allan ChiangCore compliance and regulation
LLAW6049Securities regulation I1stClass A - Mon 1830-2130
Class B - Mon 1430-1730
Syren JohnstoneCore compliance and regulation
LLAW60549-credit dissertation1st + 2ndIntroductory session
Mon 1830-2030 [Sept 6]
LLAW6055Law of international finance 11stClass A - Thu 1830-2130
Class B - Wed 1430-1730
Paul LejotSpecialized topics
LLAW6057International securities law2ndFri 1830-2130Paul Lejot
Jason Ng
Core compliance and regulation
LLAW6084Cross-border insolvency law2ndWed 1830-2130Emily LeeSpecialized topics
LLAW6094Law of international finance 22ndThu 1830-2130Paul LejotSpecialized topics
LLAW6099International commercial arbitrationJuneOnline teaching
Thu 1830-21:30 [June 2]
Sat & Sun 0930-1800 [June 4, 5, 11 & 12]
Fri 1830-2130 [June 10]
Simon GreenbergSpecialized topics
LLAW6101Competition, mergers and acquisitionsJuneOnline teaching
Mon, Wed & Fri 1830-2130 [May 30, June 1, 6, 8 & 10]
Thu 1830-2130 [June 2]
Mon, Wed & Fri 1830-2130 [June 13, 15, 17, 20, 22 & 24]
Andreas Kellerhals
Joe Tringali
Specialized topics
LLAW6102White collar crime: law and practice2ndWed 1830-2130John Lee
Henry Yu
Specialized topics
LLAW6120Intellectual property ad information technology2ndFri 1830-2130Taorui GuanSpecialized topics
LLAW6127Current issues in financial lawJuneWed 1830-2130 [June 1, 8, 22 & 29
Mon 1830-2130 [June 6 & 20]
Tue 1830-2130 [June 14 & 28]
Thu 1830-2130 [June 16 & 30]
Fri 1830-2130 [June 10 & 24]
(subject to revision in May)
Paul Lejot
Kingsley Ong
LLAW6132International and comparative intellectual property law2ndThu 1830-2130Yahong LiSpecialized topics
LLAW6139China information technology and electronic commerce law2ndWed 1830-2130Philip KwokSpecialized topics
LLAW6140Intellectual property, innovation and development2ndTue 1830-2130Yahong LiSpecialized topics
LLAW6153Business and human rights2ndTue 1830-2130Kuzi CharambaCore compliance and regulation
LLAW6154Competition law I2ndTue 1830-2130Thomas ChengSpecialized topics
LLAW6155Competition law II
[HK and EU competiton law]
1stFri 1830-2130Kelvin KwokSpecialized topics
LLAW6170Law and the internet2ndMon 1830-2130Marcelo ThompsonSpecialized topics
LLAW6185China investment law1stMon 1830-2130Xianchu ZhangSpecialized topics
LLAW6187The interface between competition law and intellectual property law1stTue 1830-2130Thomas ChengSpecialized topics
LLAW6200Topics in trademark law2ndThu 1830-2130Haochen SunSpecialized topics
LLAW6201PRC taxation law and policyJanuaryOnline teaching
Sat 0930-1230 & 1400-1700 [Jan 8, 15 & 22]
Thu & Fri 1830-2130 [Jan 13, 14 & 20]
Fri 1830-2130 [Apr 8]
Sat 0930-1230 [Apr 16]
Yan Xu
Doreen Qiu
Specialized topics
LLAW6206Cross border corporate finance: issues and techniques
2ndThu 1830-2130Maisie OoiSpecialized topics
LLAW6212Intellectual property protection in China: law, politics and culture2ndTue 1830-2130Haochen SunSpecialized topics
LLAW6223Copyright and creativityJuneOnline teaching
Tue & Thu 1830-2130 [May 31, June 2, 7 , 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28 & 30]
Mon 1830-2130 [June 13]
Taorui GuanSpecialized topics
LLAW6224Mergers and acquisitions1stWed 1830-2130Syren JohnstoneSpecialized topics
LLAW6230Law and practice of investment treaty arbitration1stWed 1830-2130Alec Stone SweetSpecialized topics
LLAW6244Securities regulation II2ndMon 1830-2130Syren JohnstoneCapstone
LLAW6245Compliance in the Hong Kong securities industry2ndWed 1830-2130Syren JohnstoneCapstone
LLAW6250The regulation of biomedical research2ndFri 1830-2130Calvin HoSpecialized topics
LLAW6252Construction of commercial contracts1stWed & Fri 1830-2130 [Sept 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17 & 24; Oct 6, 8, 22 & 27]Lee MasonSpecialized topics
LLAW6254Compliance: regulation in practice2ndThu 1830-2130Anna WongCompulsory foundation
LLAW6255Compliance and financial markets1stWed 1830-2130Douglas Arner
Giuliano Castellano
Compulsory foundation
LLAW6256Law of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing and compliance issues2ndFri 1830-2130John LeeCore compliance and regulation
LLAW6257Compliance for listed companies2ndOnline teaching
Tue 1830-2230 [Feb 15 & 22, Mar 15 & 22, Apr 12 & 26]
On top of the above classes, there will be online component with assessment throughout the semester. Students should check Moodle for details and instructions.
Nigel DavisCore compliance and regulation
LLAW6264Competition law and policy in China1stFri 1830-2130Angela ZhangSpecialized topics
LLAW6279Comparative corporate law and theories2ndTue 1830-2130Guanghua YuSpecialized topics
LLAW6282Financial crime: governance, risk and compliance1stFri 1830-2130John Lee
Henry Yu
Core compliance and regulation
LLAW6302Law, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship (LITE) lab - tech startup law plus1stWed 1830-2130Brian TangSpecialized topics
LLAW6303EU financial regulation and technology2ndOnline teaching
Tue 1830-2130
Claudia SandeiCore compliance and regulation
LLAW6304Governing online platforms: law, economics and politics1stThu 1830-2130 (Class A)Angela ZhangSpecialized topics
LLAW6305Sanctions: law and practiceJuneSat 1000-1300 & 1400-1740 [May 28, June 4, 11, 18 & 25]John Lee
Nick Turner
Specialized topics