LLM Chinese Law


ourse CodeCourse NameSemesterScheduleCourse ConvenorRemarks
LLAW601418-credit dissertation1st + 2ndIntroductory session
Mon 1830-2030 [Sept 4]
LLAW6025Company law and securities regulation in the People's Republic of China1stMon 1830-2130 Guanghua YuElective
LLAW6049Securities regulation I1stClass A - Mon 1830-2130
Class B - Mon 1430-1730
Syren JohnstoneElective
LLAW60549-credit dissertation1st + 2ndIntroductory session
Mon 1830-2030 [Sept 4]
LLAW6055Law of international finance 11stClass A - Thu 1830-2130
Class B - Wed 1430-1730
Paul LejotElective
LLAW6056Law and economics of Chinese capitalism1stWed 1830-2130Guanghua YuCapstone
LLAW6070Human rights in China2ndThu 1830-2130Hualing FuElective
LLAW6082Corporate governance and shareholder remedies1stFri 1830-2130Stefan LoElective
LLAW6093Regulation of financial markets1stClass A - Tue 1830-2130Evan GibsonElective
LLAW6093Regulation of financial markets1stClass B - Tue 1330-1630Emily Lee
LLAW6093Regulation of financial markets1stClass C - Fri 0930-1230Angus YoungElective
LLAW6093Regulation of financial markets2ndClass D - Mon 1430-1730
Class E - Tue 1830-2130
Giuliano CastellanoElective
LLAW6139China information technology and electronic commerce law2ndWed 1830-2130Philip KwokElective
LLAW6156Comparative constitutional law2ndMon, Tue & Fri 1830-2130 [Jan 15-Feb 6]Iddo Porat
Moshe Cohen-Eliya
LLAW6185China investment law1stTue 1830-2130Xianchu ZhangElective
LLAW6186China trade law1stFri 1830-2130Ying ZhuElective
LLAW6212Intellectual property protection in China: law, politics and culture2ndWed 1830-2130Haochen SunElective
LLAW6225PRC shipping law (in Putonghua)2ndThu & Fri 1830-2130 [Feb 1 & 2]; Sat 0930-1230 & 1430-1730 [Feb 3]
Fri 1830-2130 [Mar 1]; Sat 0930-1230 & 1430-1730 [Mar 2]
Fri 1830-2130 [Apr 5]; Sat 0930-1230 & 1430-1730 [Apr 6]
LLAW6279Comparative corporate law and theories2ndWed 1830-2130Guanghua YuElective
LLAW6302LITE lab: emerging technology and business models (postgraduate)1stThu 1830-2130Brian TangElective
LLAW6307Hong Kong National Security Law in comparative perspective
1stMon 1830-2130Han ZhuElective
LLAW6308Law and society in China2ndTue 1830-2130Sida LiuElective
LLAW6315Theories and methods on law and society2ndFri 1430-1730Xin HeElective