Law Electives


Course codeCourse nameSemesterScheduleCourse convenor
LLAW3015Company Law2ndFri 1430-1720John Lowry
LLAW3022Human rights in Hong Kong2ndOnline teaching
Mon 1430-1720
Johannes Chan
LLAW3024Insurance Law2ndFri 1430-1720Gary Meggitt
LLAW3034Labour law2ndWed 0930-1220
Darcy Davison-Roberts
LLAW3044Public international law1stTue & Thu 1830-2130 [Sept 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21 & 26]
Sat 0930-1230 & 1330-1630 [Sept 9 &16]
Peter Malanczuk
LLAW3055Use of Chinese law I1stThu 1630-1820Edmund Cham
LLAW3065Information Technology Law2ndTue 1330-1620Boris Babic
LLAW3068Rights of the child in international and domestic law2ndThu 1330-1620Puja Kapai
LLAW3069Regulation of financial markests1stTue 1330-1620Douglas Arner
LLAW3087PRC intellectual property law2ndWed 1330-1620Haochen Sun
LLAW3097Civil procedure2ndWed 0930-1220Eric Cheung
Carter Chim
LLAW3099Criminal procedure1stWed 0930-1220Jacky Yeung
LLAW3104Intellectual property, innovation and development2ndMon 1430-1720Yahong Li
LLAW3113Advanced issues in information technology law1stWed 1330-1620Haochen Sun
LLAW3123Competition law I1stTue 1330-1620Thomas Cheng
LLAW3124Competition law II
[HK and EU competiton law]
1stFri 1430-1720Kelvin Kwok
LLAW3125Comparative constitutional law1stThu 1330-1620Alec Stone Sweet
LLAW3138Carriage of goods by sea1stMon & Thu 0930-1220 [Sept 4, 7, 11, 14, 18 & 21]
Tues 1030-1320 [Sept 5, 12 & 19]
Sat 0930-1220 [Sept 9 & 16]
Liang Zhao
LLAW3140Animal law1stFri 1430-1720Amanda Whitfort
LLAW3141/LALS3004Law and film2ndTue 1330-1620Marco Wan
LLAW3142Law and politics of constitutions2ndTue 1330-1620Po Jen Yap
LLAW3148Clinical legal education1st, 2nd, SummerMon 093-1220 (1st)
Tue 0930-1220 (2nd)
Eric Cheung
Edmond Lam
Edward Chan
Carter Chim
Patricia Ho
LLAW3153China investment law1stMon 1430-1720Ying Zhu
LLAW3154China trade law1stFri 0930-1220Ying Zhu
LLAW3164Arbitration and conflict of laws in Greater China1stWed 0930-1220Weixia Gu
LLAW3191Comparative family law1stOnline teaching
Tue & Thu 1630-1920 [Oct 17 & 19, Nov 9, 14 & 16]
F2F teaching
Tue & Thu 1630-1920 [Oct 24, 26 & 31, Nov 2]
Sat 0930-1220 & 1430-1720 [Oct 28]
Jens Scherpe
LLAW3200Copyright and creativity1stMon 1430-1720Yahong Li
LLAW3203Guided research1st, 2ndWed 1430-1620Stefan Lo
LLAW3226/LALS3005Legal fictions: United States citizenship and the right to write in America2ndWed 0930-1220Kendall Johnson
LLAW3239Law and social justice at the intersections: gender, race, religion and sexuality 1stThu 1330-1620Puja Kapai
LLAW3244Alternative finance1stMon 1430-1720Emily Lee
LLAW3254Law, innovation, technology, entrepreneurship: tech startup law 1stTue 1630-1920Brian Tang
LLAW3255LITE lab: emerging technology and business models (undergraduate) 2ndThu 1630-1920Brian Tang
LLAW3259Innovation, creativity and ethics for globalized legal practice1stWed 1430-1720Richard Wu, Seb Ko
LLAW3261The regulation of technological platforms: theory and practice 1stFri 1430-1720Marcelo Thompson
LLAW3269Legal foundations for global health and development 2ndThu 1330-1620Eric Ip
LLAW3272LITE lab: legal technology and the future of the profession sandbox 2ndTue 1630-1920Brian Tang
LLAW3275/LALS3016Legal language in Hong Kong: issues and directions 1stWed 1830-12130Edmund Cham
Wilson Lui
LLAW3277Seminars in private law
2ndWed 1030-1320Lusina Ho
Peter Chau
LLAW3278The legal profession 2ndFri 1430-1720Sida Liu

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