Course CodeCourse NameSemesterScheduleCourse ConvenorRemarks
LLAW6007International dispute settlement2ndWed 1830-2130Roda MushkatElective
LLAW601418-credit dissertation1st + 2ndIntroductory session
Mon 1830-2030 [Sept 5]
LLAW6034Human rights in Hong Kong2ndOnline teaching
Tue 1830-2130 [starting from January 17, 2023]
Johannes ChanElective
LLAW6036International criminal law1stMon 1830-2130Wanshu CongElective
LLAW6046Privacy and data protection1stClass A - Sat 1000-1300Allan ChiangElective
LLAW6046Privacy and data protection2ndClass B - Fri 1830-2130Angus YoungElective
LLAW60549-credit dissertation1st, 2ndIntroductory session
Mon 1830-2030 [Sept 5]
LLAW6063Equality and non-discrimination2ndThu 1830-2130Kelley LoperElective
LLAW6068Human rights: history, theory and politics2ndFri 1830-2130Sida LiuCompulsory
LLAW6070Human rights in China2ndThu 1830-2130Hualing FuElective
LLAW6072International and regional protection of human rights1stThu 1830-2130Kelley LoperCompulsory
LLAW6073International protection of refugees and displaced persons1stTue 1830-2130Stephanie BiedermannElective
LLAW6076Seminar in human rights research2ndWed 1830-2130Stephanie Biedermann
Kelley Loper
LLAW6109Public international law1stWed 1830-2130James FryElective
LLAW6156Comparative constitutional law1stTue 1330-1620Alec Stone SweetElective
LLAW6182International organisations1stThu 0930-1220James FryElective
LLAW6215Seminar on human rights and constitutionalism in Asia
2ndTue 1830-2130Po Jen YapElective
LLAW6231Justice2ndMon 1830-2130Daniel BellElective
LLAW6232Clinical legal education programme - refugee stream1st, 2nd(1st) Wed 0930-1220
(2nd) Thu 0930-1220
Lindsay Ernst
Patricia Ho
LLAW6242Human rights in practice2ndMon 1830-2130Lindsay ErnstCapstone
LLAW6275The legal foundations of global health and development2ndTue 1830-2200 [Feb 7, 21 & 28, Mar 14, 21 & 28]
Tue 1830-2130 [Apr 4, 11, 18 & 25]
Eric IpElective
LLAW6291Mental disability and the law1stFri 1830-2130 [starting from 2 September]Daisy CheungElective
LLAW6297Macau and Hong Kong comparative constitutional law1stOnline teaching
Tue 1830-2130
Paulo CardinalElective
LLAW6307Hong Kong National Security Law in comparative perspective1stFri 1830-2130Han ZhuElective
LLAW6315Theories and methods on law and society2ndFri 1430-1720Xin HeElective